Alive & Kicking Lobster, Cambridge MA

So as everyone knows, Boston is well known for its seafood, and takes from nearby Maine the lobster roll. There are a number of competitors within Boston for solid lobster rolls, but the one that allegedly the “locals” believe is the best is Alive & Kicking Lobsters. Alive & Kicking Lobsters is located in Cambridge just beside the Whole Foods on River Street, its pretty hard to find if you are looking for a restaurant as it more resembles a house that someone hacked into some sort of makeshift storefront (see picture below). You just walk into their ordering area (which doubles as a retail area for those looking for fresh seafood) and then plop yourself down on one of the picnic tables outside to wait.

Anyways onto the food, we ordered the Lobster Salad Sandwich along with their clam chowder hoping to get a good taste of what they had to offer for this standard Boston fare. Their take on the lobster roll is a little different from the others in town, instead of using a roll they just use two pieces of white bread filled with lobster seasoned with just mayonnaise, salt and pepper. It leads for a very simple sandwich that allows the lobster to stand out. In my opinion, it was a nice change of scenery from the regular rolls you find at the other seafood joints around town, which I find to be too buttery for my palate. Although its a pretty decent lobster sandwich it does not come cheap at around $15 (if I remember correctly).

Given the price and simplicity of the place I probably would not call it a “destination” in Boston that you should go out of your way for, as there are definitely comparable lobster rolls elsewhere and at that price point you might expect a little more than some picnic tables on someone’s front lawn in the middle of the suburbs. HOWEVER, if you are in the Cambridge area (i.e. visiting Harvard or MIT as there’s nothing else there) its definitely one of the best options.

Alive & Kicking Lobsters
269 Putnam Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
minilink Alive & Kicking Lobster, Cambridge MA

IMG 0919 1024x768 Alive & Kicking Lobster, Cambridge MA

Lobster Roll at Alive and Kicking

IMG 0921 768x1024 Alive & Kicking Lobster, Cambridge MA

Outside Alive and Kicking

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