Flour Bakery, Cambridge

I am actually surprised I haven’t had the chance to write about Flour yet, we’ve been here dozens of times and have tried more or less everything on the menu. Their baked goods are awesome and their sandwiches are pretty good as well. Unfortunately, when you come here you can end up spending $20 for just a small sandwich, a pastry and a drink. Overall their selection is pretty standard: sandwiches, coffee, baked goods and a handful of daily cooked specials.

There are a number of standouts in the baked goods section, including their berry bread pudding, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and scallion scones. In terms of their sandwiches we would definitely say the bacon breakfast sandwich and the roast beef sandwiches are our favourites. Overall, if you are near one of their numerous locations, I would recommend that you at least try them once!

Flour Bakery
190 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

minilink Flour Bakery, Cambridge

IMG 34611 768x1024 Flour Bakery, Cambridge

Berry Bread Pudding at Flour Bakery

IMG 34601 1024x768 Flour Bakery, Cambridge

Bacon Breakfast Sandwich on White Bread at Flour Bakery

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