Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston

Another one of Boston’s most popular seafood joints, Island Creek Oyster Bar is located near Fenway Park and owned by Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, Maine (who provide some great local oysters). They have a focus on locally sourced fresh seafood and New England cuisine. A quick glance at the menu shows a strong focus on seafood (no surprises there). The quality of the food is definitely comparable to Neptune Oyster, but unlike Neptune they do take reservations so you do not have to wait hours for a table. It is also worth noting that they do leave seats open for walk-ins so if you don’t have a reservation you can show up early and most likely snag a seat with limited wait time.

While their fresh and cooked food are both great, we would have to say their fresh seafood is what sets them apart from the other places in town. Their seafood tower looks amazing and great for impressing a lady friend on a first date. I would recommend trying to get a seat in the dining area, as the bar area is relatively crowded and noisy. If you plan on ordering cooked food, we have enjoyed their fried clams and crab cakes, and for a richer dish you could try their seafood casserole, although it could be too rich for many.

Island Creek Oyster Bar
500 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02215

minilink Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston

IMG 1264 1024x768 Island Creek Oyster Bar, Boston

Seafood Casserole

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Oysters at Island Creek Oyster Bar

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