Takashi, New York

After seeing Takashi on one of Anthony Bourdain’s show we decided that we had to go. On a recent visit to New York we headed down to Takashi for dinner. It is worth noting that they do not take reservations for parties of 2, but if you have some friends you can make a reservation for four!

We ended up ordering a bunch of the raw meats to cook on the table-grill, but also tried some of the non-grilled meats which ended up being the highlights. This included the Niku-uni, which was a piece of uni with wasabi paste on top of a piece of chuck flap – it was amazing. Other interesting dishes included the tartare (hand cut instead of ground) and the testicles (cooked like an escargot).

Definitely worth the trip if you are in NYC.

456 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014
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IMG 0067 768x1024 Takashi, New York


IMG 0066 768x1024 Takashi, New York


IMG 0065 768x1024 Takashi, New York


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